Hello, world! Famous first hacker words, famous last blog words [1]? It's been quite a few years thinking "I should get a blog up", with some failed "down the rabbit hole" attempts, but hopefully we're all set for a fun ride this time.

This will be my personal outlet – what else are blogs? – but the plan has not been written yet. It will probably not have any sharp focus, at least not sharper a focus than my life and thoughts (which can be quite blurry at times).

I will write about what interests me. Currently that may range from programming, to food; wine; beer, or from music, to travelling and all the way to my newly reignited interest of dressing like a grownup, to put it in the words of Put This On.

Technically this is very much a work in progress, or an iterative process as you might call it. I've got the basic engine up, running on Pelican. As time moves along and content is written, I hope to also mold a more personal design too. And the content structure will very much be formed as I go along, typing words into vim and saving it in files (sounds easy, doesn't it?).

And what do you know? We've already covered Python programming (with Pelican), and music [2].

Anyway, it's been nice meeting you, and I hope we meet again sometime soon.

[1]WordPress, one of the most used blogging platforms, comes with a pre-installed post titled "Hello, World!". Google shows us there's plenty of blogs with that post, and many probably never wrote any other posts after setting things up.
[2]The title shamelessly refers to the debut album Endtroducing… by DJ Shadow.

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